FIFA 19 May Have Won, But Needs to Rebound in 2020


When it comes to gaming, there are very few games that can top the popularity of the FIFA franchise, even though sales took a dip in 2018.

According to Goal, despite the struggles of the latest entry into the FIFA franchise, FIFA 19, the game still beat out Red Dead Redemption 2 in UK game sales during the year of 2018.

Per the report, EA Sports’ long-standing series topped the chart of the UK’s best selling physical games, clocking in with 1.89 million boxed sales in 2018. By adding in digital sales FIFA 19 was still the UK’s top game¬†with 2.5 million copies sold in total.

FIFA 19 did not do as well as FIFA 18, which continues to flex it’s popularity muscles, and the evidence is even apparent on Twitch streams and even over on Mixer streams as people continue to stream the 2018 edition as opposed to the 2019 entry.

According to MCV, FIFA 19 stumbled out of the gate, and at the time of it’s release back in September of 2018 sales were down 25 per cent year-on-year.

Just like EA Sports’ Madden franchise, some years fare better, or worse, than others, and Madden has long struggled with feeling, playing, and being stale.

But FIFA is a global juggernaut, and with the increased popularity of Twitch streamers taking on more titles, including the increased number of female streamers, EA needs to follow up FIFA 19 with a much improved, stronger, and overall better FIFA 20.

Otherwise, sales may continue to drop as the series moves towards a gaming landscape that Twitch channels are increasingly influencing.

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