Ilkay Gundogan Says Liverpool Game Toughest Away Game for Manchester City


Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan believes that the upcoming away game againts Livepool with be the club’s toughest test this season.

“It’s very tough, probably the toughest away game of the season in the Premier League,” Gundogan said, according to ESPN FC. “But as a player there is not much more that you can achieve than playing these type of games, because when you play them or when the atmosphere is like that, you know it’s a big thing.

“So there’s nothing better than playing these type of games. Although you’re much more nervous before these type of games than in others maybe, even then after your first successful pass, first successful tackle or your first good dribble, you get more and more confidence. This confidence helps you a lot to achieve your target.”

“You have to be careful because, especially their front three, any single mistake you make they can punish you so quickly — so we have to be very careful,” he added. “Last season we lost the game unfortunately at Anfield in the Premier League because of two or three mistakes in the game and they scored three times out of three mistakes.

“So that’s the new target for this game: to leave these mistakes. We know we are always able to score, we scored already three times in the last season away which is also not normal to score three goals at Anfield and we will try to repeat and it can be a great game for us.”

Gundogan, 27, is also looking forward to the opportunity to catch up with old boss Jurgen Klopp.

“It’s always special to meet him … it’s always very nice and I get a big hug from this big guy,” Gundogan said. “We have a nice quick chat, unfortunately we don’t have that much time to speak about stuff but it’s always very good to see him because he’s such a great guy, such a humble guy, and as manager he can show he’ll be successful. I had a lot of success with him at Dortmund, so [he’s] always good to be around.”