PSG’s Gianluigi Buffon Says Marco Verratti Only Real Talent in Italian Football


Paris Saint-Germain’s Gianluigi Buffon says that teammate Marco Verratti is the “the only real talent” in Italian football.

Buffon left Juventus over the summer and his addition to the French champions roster has reunited him with Verratti, who he played with for the Italian National side.

“Marco is a really incredible player,” Buffon said, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “At this moment, the only real talent in Italian football, for his personality with which he plays matches, for his touch, his vision.

“So much so that, sometimes, if he plays with normal players, he struggles because they don’t understand him. Sometimes, the great players find difficulty in being understood by others.

“But I have to say that, here, Marco is lucky to play alongside great players who are immediately able to understand where the ball will go and where they want it so you see that all his moves are facilitated.”

Buffon also said that he turned down an offer to be a part of the national setup.

“For the national side, I have sometimes given a little more,” Buffon said. “And sometimes it hasn’t been recognised.

“Unfortunately, at 40, you don’t have that much desire to appear the one who has to be there by any means necessary.

“I’m happy at home with my children, my family who I have a lot of time time away from because of the national side. So I told the manager exactly this. He understood and respected my thoughts.”