Leganes’ Ivan Cuellar Says Barcelona Are Bad Losers


Leganes goalkeeper Ivan Cuellar says that Barcelona are sore losers following the shocking 2-1 defeat on Wednesday.

“We are a humble side. but I like it when people who are used to winning lose, salute the other team and say congratulations, something Barcelona did not do to any of our players,” Cuellar told Cadena Ser radio.

“None of the Barcelona players came after the game to speak to us, and I think that is an ugly gesture. I don’t think anyone noticed, but I wanted to say this.”

Cuellar admitted that many people reached out to praise him after the match.

“When I got to my locker and I picked up my mobile, it was so heated up — just like the Barca players were!” Cuellar said. “I had lots of WhatsApp messages.

“I probably will not see the replays of the saves I made because the most important thing was the work that the team did. One knows perfectly well when one does a good job and when he does badly.”

“We started badly and I honestly thought I could have done better on the goal,” Cuellar said. “But Barca didn’t start the second half well and we took advantage in one minute.

“The key was to hold on for the opening 30 minutes of the second half, and we did just that. We really needed this win, It’s very important, more so because it comes against one of the best teams in the world.”