Loris Karius Says He Was Never Told to Leave After Champions League Final


While Loris Karius said it took him almost two weeks to get over the crushing defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final back in May, he says that he was never told that he had to leave the club following the loss.

Karius, 25, departed Liverpool after their signing of goalkeeper Alisson from Roma, and joined Besiktas on a two-year loan in August.

Karius discussed that the criticism following the defeat was hard to deal with, and the concussion he suffered after he was elbowed in the head by Madrid’s Sergio Ramos.

“It was a super season with a very unfortunate end, but you must get over it,” Karius said, according to Bild. “I knew that I must get up again and not hide and only concern myself with the past. It was a super team performance to just reach the final. Nobody can take that away from me. Not many German keepers can say they’ve played in a Champions League final.

“A lot of things came together that day, and even though nobody wants to hear about it, you will never know how much my mistakes were connected to the injury which was diagnosed later. That’s no excuse — just an explanation.”

“You sometimes don’t understand how a situation like that can happen,” Karius said of the elbow. “I wanted to understand it better and that’s why I watched everything again that night and the following day.”

“Jurgen Klopp called me several times during my holidays to build me up,” Karius said. “Nothing stands between us. He never blamed me [for the defeat]. But the pressure in the media and the public increased and Liverpool had to react. It wasn’t a good situation for me, but things like that happen in football.”