Jurgen Klopp Warns Paris Saint-Germain of Unique Liverpool Challenge

Liverpool FC

Paris Saint-Germain is set to face Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp is warning the team that they have never faced a team quite like Liverpool.

“I can’t prepare a team to face Paris Saint-Germain without showing them the strengths of Paris,” Klopp said, according to ESPN FC.

“But, on the other side, it’s quite difficult to make a preparation because they have never played against us. Us playing against them will look different to what they have faced so far this season — that’s the truth.

“I watched Paris. I watched them last year and I watched them this year, and it is impressive.

“They are good, really good, not only for Paris, but Kylian Mbappe, come on, what a World Cup he played. And Neymar, we all know about his quality. [Angel] Di Maria, maybe he didn’t have the best time at Man United but all the rest of his career was outstanding. Cavani, a proper goal-getter.

“In the preparation, I have to make sure we know about it. I know we are quite good, and –respecting them without getting afraid of them — but respecting them we have to.

“Do I have to compare them? I love my players, all of them, so I don’t want to change anything. I wouldn’t change them.”

Speaking of Kylian Mbappe, Klopp heaped praise on the World Cup winner.

“I love him, to be honest. What a player he is and a nice lad as well, so he’s a really good kid,” Klopp told RMC Sport. “What a player, what a player.

“Everyone knows him since he was 16, 17, when he impressed in Monaco’s youth teams, and I saw videos of him when he was 17 and he destroyed defensive lines as he is doing now.

“He’s at an unbelievable level of consistency at that age. He’s an outstanding player, that’s clear, but he can deliver, deliver and deliver, which shows he’s really good educated boy and he knows what he is doing.”