Liverpool Already Benefiting from Thomas Gronnemark


Liverpool is already benefiting from their new specialist throw in coach Thomas Gronnemark, who holds the world record for the longest throw-in, and Andrew Robertson has taken notice.

“We are switched on when it comes to throw-ins — everyone is in better positions that we are finding easier, and the lads’ techniques have got better,” Robertson said, according to ESPN FC.

“We all got measured and I was one of the worst, but since the day he came in until now I think I’ve gained about six metres.

“We have all bought into it and we are all improving and are a lot more accurate. I think it is a positive thing and it has definitely worked for us.

“The manager has probably looked back on last season and it was a very positive one for us, getting to the final of the Champions League and finishing in the top four.

“But the one negative he saw was that we surrendered possession when we had throw-ins.

“It is effectively like a pass. He looked at it and thought: ‘How am I going to change this?’ He brought this guy in and already in the first four games we have been a lot better at it. “It is the small gains that can make big differences.”