Liverpool’s Alisson Says He is Not Making Fun of Rivals


Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson claims that he is not making fun of his rivals with his risk-taking and believes that he fits “perfectly” into Jurgen Klopp’s style of play.

Alisson, who arrived from Roma in July via a £65 million transfer, has fit in fluidly to his new club’s style of play.

“I have fitted perfectly in the team and in the team’s style of play,” Alisson stated (h/t ESPN FC). “[Liverpool] like [the goalkeeper] to participate in the offensive phase and in shaping the game from the back.

“It gives me a lot of confidence to play with my feet and I have to be focused for 90 minutes. It has similar characteristics to the [Brazil national team].

“In Rome I was already trying to help in shaping the game but the style was a little bit different to what we do at Liverpool.

“I am very happy to be in this great club, with players of great quality and within the pitch they are showing a lot of confidence in me. I feel confident to do that here.

“It is already calculated. I take risks. Fans with heart problems have to be careful! But on the pitch, as I said before, I do not try to make of fun of a rival. It’s not to show that I can do this or that, but to help the team. It is to achieve targets.

“I make a dribble or a simple pass, knowing that if I lose the ball near the area the opponent can score. I am aware of what I do on the pitch, but I always do it to help the team. That’s why occasionally I also boot the ball into the stands.”

Alisson enjoys playing under Klopp thus far.

“[Klopp] is a person who gives himself 100 percent to what he is doing,” Alisson said. “The chat I had with him [before joining Liverpool] is one of the things that left me more calm.

“He showed his interest in having me, not only the club’s interest but also his. It was a long interview despite my staggered English, but we understood each other well.

“He told me about how he works, how I would fit into the squad, how I also could grow personally here. He told me a little bit about the project — a project with a winning mindset.

“Now that I am inside I am aware that everything he told me is a reality. It is a club that treats you like a family, even the fans. They are very warm; they are famous for it around the whole world. It is a very big club.

“I was very well received by my teammates and by Klopp. He also treats the players really well off the pitch. On the pitch, he is also a tremendously intelligent manager. He prepares the game in a very precise way during the week, placing all players on the pitch to make us aware of what we are going to find on the pitch [during the game] and also giving resources about the offensive and defensive movements.”

Despite their strong start, Alisson knows that they have to keep focused to continue their success.

“It’s a club that has everything to achieve big things,” Alisson added. “We have started the season very well, but we have to keep our feet on the ground.

“The Premier League is a very closely contested league. The first three games were difficult against less-known teams. Now we are going to start facing more well-known rivals like Leicester and, after the national-team break, we will play against Tottenham. It will also be a decisive match.”

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