LA Galaxy Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says He Will Only Play on Turf in MLS Playoffs

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LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic says that he will only take the risk of playing on artificial turf when it’s “life or death”, adding that the risk of playing on turf is too great before the MLS playoffs.

“When I got injured, the judgment was I could not play football,” Ibrahimovic saud, according to ESPN FC.

“First of all, when you have an injury like that, in football they haven’t seen it … I came to Pittsburgh, they operated on my knee … I had my physio who followed me everywhere, and we worked every day for seven, eight months.

“I signed the [new] deal with United, and I asked [Jose] Mourinho, ‘Please let me work from distance, because if I work with the club and I see my teammates every day, my will [to play] will be too much that I will hurry with my injury. So let’s skip that part.’ I trained, I trained very hard, and I was able to play again. I’d proved them wrong, just like I had at the beginning of my career.

“And I continued and I got this opportunity with the Galaxy, and I play — and why I don’t play on turf? Because I’m able to play now, I push it every time I put the shoes on, when I walk on that grass, when I can feel the smell of that grass, when I can touch the ball, when I feel like I can shoot the ball like I want to do it, I’m just happy. And I want to still be happy.

“But by playing on turf, I risk to get damage. I don’t say I will get injured — I don’t know; I could get injured also in normal games — but the consequence is everywhere, the risk is everywhere. The risk is higher on the turf. And I tried to play on the turf in Portland, and I felt very bad.”

“With all the respect for turf, for Portland and the stadium, which was a fantastic atmosphere, if I could play I would play every single second,” Ibrahimovic said. “But it’s not about that I don’t want to play, it’s about me — I don’t want to take the risk to get damaged if it’s not life or death.

“But if it’s the playoff and we go there, I will go there and I will destroy them. If I get injured, f— it, I get injured. I will take the risk because we are in a different situation.”