Jose Mourinho Denies Rift with Ed Woodward

The Sun (UK)

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is denying that there is any rift with executive vice-chairman with Ed Woodward after a stressful and unsuccessful transfer period.

Mourinho was asked about any rift with Woodward, to which he responded in short answers of “no”, and when asked if the relationship between the two is fine he said “of course”.

Additionally, Mourinho also refused to answer a question about centre-backs Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof, showcasing his new found dedication to not publicly criticizing his players.

“I do not analyse my players with you” he said (h/t ESPN FC)

Mourinho also steered away from answering questions regarding Paul Pogba’s comments following their defeat to Brighton when Pogba said his attitude was not “right”.

“Paul said it, he has to answer for his words,” Mourinho said. “If you want any explanation about Paul’s words you must get him and ask him.”

Mourinho instead is focusing on the upcoming Tottenham game that he believes represents an opportunity to get the club back on the right track.

“I think difficult, difficult is after the match you lose, is always difficult, especially for people that really care about the job, about being football professional, but after that you think about the next match,” Mourinho explained.

You do the same when you win, you have to move on and focus what next and when you lose you have to do even more.

“You have to play against 19 opponents at Old Trafford and away, you have to play against everyone, I don’t know if it’s the right time.

“The time is now, the fixtures were decided this way and we have to play Tottenham Hotspur in the second match at Old Trafford and then we go away twice in a row to Burnley and Watford.

“This is what it is and of course it’s a difficult match, a team that last season finished in top four. So a difficult match.”