Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos Among Captains Meeting Regardings La Liga United States Plans


Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos will be in attendance as captains of the 20 Spanish top division teams will meet on Wednesday to discuss La Liga’s plans for a match hosted in the United States, along with other topics.

The meeting will take place at the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) headquarters in Madrid and AFE president David Aganzo will follow the meeting with a new conference.

“A meeting between captains and players representing their top division clubs will take place in order to discuss several issues that worry all of them,” the AFE said, in a official statement.

“The AFE and the footballers don’t understand the unilateral decisions taken by La Liga regarding plans for a league game to be played in the United States.

“The players, as they have notified to AFE, are surprised and upset over not being consulted in an agreement that directly affects them. With their decisions, La Liga are distancing the fans from the players, something that damages the show and the essence of football.

“The players again feel marginalised when it comes to making decisions while we feel that they are the main stars and that their opinions are crucial.”

AFE is not in favor of the decision to have a La Liga game take place abroad, accusing them of not consulting the players, using them as “bargaining chips”.

Players are also unhappy with La Liga’s schedule that has games being played from Friday until Monday.

“Again this season, the AFE’s opinion regarding the times and schedules of the First and Second Division games have not been taken into account, approving them without the consent of our association,” they said. “The players again feel punished by the times of certain games that can damage their health due to weather conditions or because of the limited recovery time.”