Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski Felt Like ‘Easy Target’

Sky Sports

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski said he felt “an easy target” as criticism fueled his decision to request a transfer from the club earlier this summer.

“When everything is going well it’s taken for granted what I do. If it goes badly, Lewandowski is to blame,” Lewandowski said, according to Sport Bild.

“That was how I felt at the end of the season. In April and May, almost everyone was having a go at me, I felt alone in this situation and didn’t enjoy any protection from the club.”

“That disappointed me. I was an easy target because I failed to score in two or three important games. Suddenly it was a case of everybody laying into Lewandowski. I had the feeling that no one was behind me — none of the bosses defended me.”

Lewandowski’s agent, Pini Zahavi, stated that his client wanted “a change and a new challenge” when speaking back in May of this year.

“That was agreed with Pini because at that time I wasn’t feeling happy in Munich,” Lewandowski said as he addressed his transfer request for the first time. “It wasn’t working out and everything came at once.

“I felt as if I had been at Bayern for just one season and enjoyed zero credit at the club. That’s why I thought about leaving.

“That was the point when I thought: if everyone here has a problem with me and thinks I am not good enough, why should I stay here any longer? Everything came to a head before the World Cup. It was a difficult time for me. I thought about offers from other clubs.”

Despite the issues, Lewandowski had a change of heart as he has started the season playing hot under new coach Niko Kovac.

“I had very good talks with Kovac,” he said. “The club will not consider selling me and is trying to keep me at all costs.

“That was the point when I said to myself: ‘I want to give everything to this club again.’

“I’m now 30. I know how important I am and still have three years on my contract. I will never go on strike nor fight with the club. I will not waste any time thinking about [moving] abroad.

“Yes, I had problems but not with Munich nor the people here. My heart beats again for Bayern. I’m looking forward to my future at the club and the city.”