Massimiliano Allegri ‘Sorry to See’ Mattia Caldara leave Juventus


Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta announced that a deal that would see both Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara move to AC Milan in exchange for Leonardo Bonucci and cash was “just about done”.

Interestingly enough, manager Massimiliano Allegri was already speaking about Caldara in the past tense, before a deal had been officially completed.

“I was sorry to see him go,” Allegri said during a news conference. “He is a very young professional, a very good one, but I’m sure that he will have a very good future. Unfortunately within the market we have to make some choices, and that’s what happened.”

Allegri noted that he saw players with value in the European market during Wednesday night’s match, saying that he believes some Major League Soccer players have a future iun Europe.

“It’s hard to say for only 30 minutes, but I’ve seen some very good players, some very fast ones, very technically well prepared,” Allegri said. “I think that they can have a future in Europe.”