Hertha Berlin’s Zsolt Petry Says Jonathan Klinsmann Improved After ‘Too American’ Critique


Hertha Berlin goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry has been pleased with the turnaround of Jonathan Klinsmann just a few short months after criticism arose regarding his work ethic.

Petry blasted the United States youth international back in March for being “too American” and lacking work ethic.

“Jonathan has shown the right reaction,” Petry said to the media. “He now saves balls he did not save before. He invests even more time in his body, spends more time in the weights room, puts in extra units. I am impressed.

“He reflected himself instead of victimizing himself, that’s a good sign. He might have been mad at me because of my strong words, but it’s my job as a coach to clearly show him how he can get better.”