International Champions Cup’s Charlie Stillitano Understands Jose Mourinho’s Frustration

The Sun (UK)

The International Champions Cup format may undergo some changes next summer as the format has come under scrutiny and criticism from Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, according to ESPN FC.

“I understand his point,” Executive chairman of International Champions Cup organizers Relevent Sports’ Charlie Stillitano said. “He wants even his players who have personal commitments to be here. And I read into that he wants the best for the fans and the best for us and of course the best for him. He wants his full team.

“There are challenges in a World Cup year. It gets later and later, the season seem to get earlier and earlier and it’s really a challenge for everyone. I think he was just voicing that frustration.

“We are looking at changing the format next year but it’s a bit cyclical anyway. We might tweak the format, but it’s not a World Cup year, everyone is excited to come and I don’t think we will have anything near the same problem.”

Mourinho has been critical of players who he feels are still on a post-World Cup break and has expressed disappointment in the lack of a transfer market during the tour of the United States.

“I feel like I am president of the Jose Mourinho fan club,” Stillitano said. “There’s probably not a lot a members today.

“I understand the manager, he is frustrated. It was a tough game [against Liverpool] — 100,000 people there to see you lose to your biggest rival.

“Jose has been one of the managers, maybe the top manager — him and Sir Alex Ferguson — to propel this tournament to a new level. I have nothing but admiration for him and what he does.

“Not just Jose, but all the managers will be happy to have their full team with them.”