Jurgen Klopp Says Christian Pulisic Can’t be ‘Responsible’ For US Soccer Alone


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says that Christian Pulisic cannot save soccer in the United States by himself, and he may be right.

Pulisic, 19, is widely considered to be the cornerstone of the United States’ efforts to rebuild following their embarrassing failure to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Russia.

“I think [Pulisic] has all you need for becoming a big player,” Klopp said, in an exclusive interview with ESPN FC. “That’s how it is and he has already a lot of ups and few downs as well, so that’s good for development and for the level he is now.

“But you don’t do him a favor if we talk too much about him. This country is too big and there are too many players here [for him to do it alone].

“If you do these things, like Egypt is doing with Mo Salah and Pulisic is for them [the U.S.] — come on, let the boys play football.”

“He’s still a very young boy,” Klopp said. “Let them play football, let them develop and don’t make the big stories of it until you can say he’s good, because he’s very good, that’s true.

“But don’t make him responsible for U.S. football because nobody can do that job.”

Klopp believes that it will be problematic for the United States if they only have Pulisic as their lone quality player.

“It’s only football and if there come more players like this, then the [U.S.] will say there’s a chance,” Klopp said.

“But if Christian Pulisic stays the only one with that quality then there’s no chance. So it’s easy as that and we don’t have to talk too much.”