Neymar Says He Is Staying At Paris Saint-Germain


Neymar says that he is staying at Paris Saint-Germain despite reports linking him to Real Madrid, according to ESPN Brazil.

Madrid president Florentino Perez is reportedly targeting Neymar long-term.

“Yes, I will stay in Paris. I have a contract with PSG. The speculation? The majority of it is invented by the press,” Neymar said.

“I have a contract and people know the objective, the reason why I went to PSG. I want to win with this club and I hope this season will be wonderful.”

Neymar admitted that Brazil’s elimination from the World Cup was hard for him to handle.

“My sorrow was big, it was a very tough sadness — the biggest I have had in my career. It has passed now, though,” he said.

“Now I have to think ahead, rest, and appreciate the time with my family, my girlfriend and do the things that make me happy.

“We take positive things from the World Cup. Of course the sadness is much greater because we knew we had the team and quality players [to win]. But for things that happens in football, we could not.”

Neymar, who became a running internet joke for his antics during the tournament, said he would not change the way he played and was fouled “all the time.”

“As for what they said about me, I have to take it playfully,” he added. “I have always been like this, an athlete who always took things well.

“The way I play is always the same. It was not today that I started to be targeted. I started aged 17, suffering many fouls, many hard tackles. It is part of the game. My football is about dribbling and beating the opponent. I cannot say to him: ‘Just let me score.’

“Do you think I want to suffer fouls all the time? No — it hurt. After the games, I get ice for hours. Whoever does not understand this and has not lived this will never understand it.”

Neymar also discussed Cristiano Ronaldo heading to Juventas, saying it

“will change Italian football.”

“Cristiano is a great player. He is a football legend, a genius,” he said. “We have to respect him. I think that it was a difficult decision for him, but I wish him good luck — except against PSG.”