Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez ‘Has to Play’ Against San Jose Earthquakes

Associated Press

Alexis Sanchez “has to play” against San Jose Earthquakes this weekend despite experiencing a delay in his United States arrival due to issues with his visa, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says.

Sanchez is due to land in Los Angeles on Friday after he was finally granted permission to travel by U.S. authorities, according to ESPN FC.

“It is not about when he can [play], but when he has to,” Mourinho said (h/t ESPN FC).

“We have no players and especially in attack we have no players, today was [Anthony] Martial and when Martial left the pitch was [Juan] Mata and when Mata went to the sides it was a kid that was a first time he trained with us in this preseason.

“No [Romelu] Lukaku, no [Marcus] Rashford, not here and probably not the start of the Premier League, so is about when Alexis lands and when he lands he has to play because he trained with us five days before we depart to LA and we left one fitness coach behind with him.

“Of course it is individual training but when he arrives he has to play. If he’s coming he has to play.”

“I have plans to make him train the most most possible times with us because that increases his evolution,” Mourinho said. “But he has to play where he belongs, he has to play in the academy and develop physically because physically is where he is not ready.

“Technically he is very good, tactically he understands the game and he understands his position but by the physical point of view, when the game gets into contact situations he is in trouble, he is fragile, he is still a kid.

“The talent is there, the personality is there, the passion to play, the humility to learn, so this is a fantastic experience for him.

“If he can play like today, 20 or 25 minutes in every one of these five matches and if during the season he trains with us and has a couple of occasions to play minutes with us, I don’t know, depends on some cup matches, he is one of the good kids we have.

“It is not for today but for the tomorrow he is a good kid.”