Paul Pogba Says France didn’t ‘give a s–t’ about Messi at World Cup

Associated Press

Prior to France’s World Cup round-of-16 win over Argentina, Paul Pogba gave a passionate and rousing to his team, telling his teammates “Messi or no Messi, we don’t give a s—.”

Pogba was heavily criticized before the tournament after an underwhelming season with United and fans voiced their opinion that they felt he didn’t deserve a starting role in Russis in a poll.

In a TF1 documentary entitled “Les Bleus 2018: au cœur de l’épopée russe” (“The Blues 2018, at the heart of their Russian epic”) you can see the passionate speech.

“The details boys. Fellas! We want warriors on the pitch today,” Pogba said. “I don’t want to go home tonight. Me, this evening, I’m not going home. Tomorrow, we’re staying at the hotel.

“We’re going to eat that f—ing sauteed pasta again. I don’t give a s—, we’re not going home. We’re going to finish happy. I want us to have a party tonight.

“I want everyone. Today, we run ourselves to death out on the pitch. No one lets anyone else down. No one drops off. On the pitch, we’re all together. Good guys and warriors. Soldiers. We’re going to kill them today, these Argentines. Messi or no Messi, we don’t give a s—.

“We’re coming to win the f—ing World Cup. We have to get through this to do that. Come on boys!”