Carlos Tevez Urging Lionel Messi Not To Retire From International Play


In the wake of Argentina’s disastrous venture into World Cup play there has been talk that Lionel Messi would choose to retire from international football.

Carlos Tevez is calling on him not to.

“I think Leo has to think about himself,” Tevez said, according to ESPN. “He has to think that, if there is not a project that makes him happy and in which he feels comfortable, it is very difficult to take the responsibility of leading Argentina to become champions by himself.

“We are wasting a lot of time not having him happy and not being able to give him a hand to achieve that target. I think we are wrong in not being able to help him feel comfortable.

“As a player and as an Argentine I tell him that we need him, that he try to rest, that he keep a cool head and that we need him. We need him because he is the soul of Argentina and, as long as he continues playing football, it has to be that way because he is Argentina’s biggest idol and he has to take that responsibility.

“Now [I tell him] to rest, keep a cool head and try to be well, then we need him to take charge and on the pitch.”

Tevez believes that Jose Pekerman, who led Argentina to the quarterfinals at the 2006 World Cup, deserves another chance at the helm.

“I think that the closest we were of winning a World Cup was with Jose [Pekerman],” Tevez added. “When I felt closest to winning the World Cup was with Jose. If we had beaten Germany [in the 2006 quarterfinals], we knew we were going to be champions and we lost on penalties.

“Jose’s era has taught me a lot from when I was a kid, I am very grateful to him, to Hugo Tocalli, to professor [Gerardo] Salorio to [Eduardo Julio] Ortasun… because today I am what I am because they put a grain of sand in what I was. I will always be grateful to them because they taught me a lot.

“They taught me to be a professional at 14 years old and today I continue at 34. It is essential to start as a child. From my personal experience, I think Jose is the man who can do it [be Argentina manager] quietly because he knows what is being talked about “