David Beckham’s Miami MLS Team To Have Name Soon

Naple Herald

David Beckham’s MLS franchise in Miami will reveal their name “very soon” along with the team’s shield and colors, Beckham’s business partner said, according to the Miami Herald.

While Beckham and MLS announced back in January that the franchise would be coming to Miami, no additional details have been made clear, including an official start date.

“I think the name will be well received, frankly, the fans have picked it because we focus-grouped and the fans picked the name,” club co-owner Jorge Mas said. “This is the fans’ team. It’s a great name and the way we’re going to unveil the name is very different from any unveiling of a name.

“It’s not going to be at a site somewhere with us at a podium unveiling a name. That is not who we’re going to do it, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Mas added that the team would begin play in 2020 at a temporary venue before moving to a new stadium in 2021.

“We have to get a stadium decision on the ballot as quickly as possible because per the expansion agreement with MLS, I have to start construction by October of 2019,” he said, adding he would be in “default” of his expansion agreement if the conditions were not met.

Mas also discussed his vision for the franchise.

“I want this team to showcase what’s great about Miami,” Mas said. “I want it to be the MLS’ global team. Having the elements of our ownership group, of David Beckham, we have very ambitious plans for the team and type of players that will come here because it’s the gateway to the Americas.”