Sweden’s Hakan Mild Says England Players Are “Spoilt Children”


Former Sweden midfielder Hakan Mild, who is not a radio pundit, says his former team is not intimidated by England ahead of their World Cup quaterfinal matchup on Saturday.

Mild says England players “are spoilt children” who will “get an unpleasant surprise” when the meet Sweden on Saturday, calling the squad “limited”.

“It couldn’t be a better draw. They think they are so good — they are not,” Mild said, during an appearance on Svergies Radio. “They are spoilt children who earn a lot of money. They don’t have the desperation needed.

“You are not terrified when you see this team. It suits Sweden well. If we get through the first 20 minutes we can go through. They are limited.”

“England have just played a long, tough game with extra time, and I also think they have hubris,” he said. “They think they are going to win, and they will get an unpleasant surprise on Saturday.”

Mild has been impressed with Sweden’s play thus far.

“I’m really impressed how they have come up with this and how the team works together,” he said. “They do it together, and the players submit to the idea.”