Argentina’s Willy Caballero Received Threats Following World Cup Blunder


Argentina’s Willy Caballero and his family received threats following his World Cup blunder during Argentina’s 3-0 loss to Croatia last week.

Caballero’s mistake allowed Croatia to score their opener in the 53rd minute.

“I’m calmer now… following the positive result and the qualification (for the last 16). What happened to me has now become an anecdote,” Caballero wrote in a post on Instagram:

“A misfortune, a mistake, an error, however one wants to call it. There are a lot of things that I accept because it was a football mistake. But I received a lot of disrespect, bad wishes and threats for me and my family. These ugly attitudes did not help me.”

According to Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli, Caballero accepted full responsibility for the loss, adding that he did not feel it was right to blame the goalkeeper for the defeat.

“What I hold on to is that a lot of people supported me, accompanied me and suffered with me. I thank those who have been there, the close ones and the not so close, those that had the guts to write to me and all the others that supported me one way or another.

“Once again I accept my mistake but I never had the desire for my family to have to go through such unpleasant days. I wear the Argentina jersey with all the values I learned from my home and growing through football.”