Paul Pogba Responds To Criticism Of His Hairstyle


As Paul Pogba prepares for the World Cup Clash between France and Denamrk, the midfielder is addressing the constant criticism regarding his changing of hairstyles ahead of the pivotal match.

“I think it is a French or European mentality — apparently you are not allowed to have a hairstyle and play football,” Pogba told reporters in his first news conference with the national team in 4 years (h/t ESPNFC).

“I do not really understand — you only talk of the negative.

“When I dance and score, I hear nobody. When I dance, and we lose, then it is a problem.

“It is fine, though, I will continue, despite the critics. You say I am a showman, but I am just me — take me as I am.

“I smile, I will always smile in front of you, with or without the criticisms and praise. I will always be the same — that is what makes me La Pioche [a nickname] and Paul!”

Pogba touched on a number of topics in the media session, including his relationship with United coach Jose Mourinho, the question of leadership within the France squad and the criticism of his friend and teammate Antoine Griezmann.

“I love you so much, I have really missed you,” Pogba opened the news conference with. “You know me — I am not a big talker, but it is great to see you all here for me.

“I do not often come to talk to the press, but as you obviously love me lots, I will give you something in return.”

Pogba then turned the page to his life-changing return to Old Trafford and how the French press cannot leave him alone.

“It is not that you criticise me more — you love me more,” Pogba said. “You now talk so much about me, about the transfer — it has changed my life.”