Mohamed Salah Not Leaving World Cup Early

Liverpool website

Mohamed Salah will not leave the World Cup early despite Egypt’s elimination, according to Egypt’s Football Association.

Egypt fell to Russia 3-1 on Tuesday in a defeat that sparked a number of reports that Salah could be released before the final group game against Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Egyptian FA president Hany Abo Rida said Salah would not be leaving early in order to recover from his injury.

“I have no idea about Liverpool,” he said (h/t ESPN). “But we have our captain Mohamed Salah and, under the rules, FIFA requires him to be inside his camp and requires him to stay with his team.

“He is happy to mingle with his teammates and he was shocked by what the press has written about him and denied it all on social media.

“We’re all perplexed by what has been published and have no idea where it came from.”

Salah took to Twitter to comments, saying, “Everyone in Egypt is together and there is absolutely no disagreement between us. We respect each other and the relationship is great.”

Egypt will protest to FIFA about the performance of Paraguay referee Enrique Caceres who they believe had suspect decisions that impacted the outcome.

“We want an investigation into the performance of the whole refereeing team,” Rida told Reuters on Friday.