German Cancels World Cup Media Activity

Sky News

Following their loss to Mexico in the World Cup opener on Sunday, Germany has called off all media activities scheduled for Monday.

A news conference with former captain Philipp Lahm on Germany’s bid for the 2024 European Championships has been cancelled.

Furthermore, the Nationalmannschaft will train behind closed doors on Monday.

Lahm spoke on Monday during a visit to a German school, where he answered questions from children and non-journalists.

“This is an experienced team. The coaching staff is experienced,” Lahm said. “They know how to deal with this defeat. Everything is still possible.”

“You could hear already yesterday that players were self-critical. The German team just did not hit their top form. That can happen because at a World Cup you come up against tough opponents. A minor setback is not a bad thing to bring the team closer together.”

Lahm also discussed the media shutdown imposed by the German squad with ARD.

“I think the timing wouldn’t have been right to visit the national team today. We heard that they’re isolating themselves a bit. And I think that’s exactly the right thing to do because they now need to talk. That’s what they’ll do. They need time for that.”

The German media has slammed the squad for their “boycott” during their first World Opener loss since 1982.