Neymar ‘Not Proud’ Of Transfer Fee, Being Most Expensive Player


Neymar doesn’t feel too good about being the most expensive player in the world and he would have not paid €222 million to move him from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain last year.

“I’m not proud of my transfer fee, or the fact that I’m the most expensive player ever,” Neymar said (h/t ESPN FC). “That’s money and nothing else. I can’t help it. Personally, I would have paid less for myself.

“I am proud that I achieved the goals I set myself as a kid. That was and always will be most important to me. It, of course, makes me proud to have been welcomed at my clubs and to have reached many sporting goals there. You always need to show who you are as a player, and you must stand your ground. To just point to the transfer fee does not help you at all and also doesn’t say how good you really are.”

Neymar was named the Ligue 1 Player of the Year during his first season with Paris Saint-Germain, scoring 26 goals despite missing the club’s final 16 games due to a right broken foot.

Neymar is again at the center of rumors as there is talk that he will leave PSG for Real Madrid this summer, for an even larger fee. Neymar has recovered from his injury and rejoined Brazil for their friendlies against Croatia and Austria this month ahead of the World Cup.

“I felt as beaten as the team was and was affected like everyone else,” said Neymar

“The expectations on us in our own country were almost inhumanly high and Germany were an excellent opponent.

“We knew it would be hard. Unfortunately, it went as it did. Now we finally have the opportunity to forget about the last World Cup. Maybe we will meet Germany again — and then hopefully, we will have real revenge.”