Tony Adams Is Worried About England’s World Cup Chances

Pepe Villoslada DIARIO AS

Former Arsenal defender Tony Adams is worried about England’s chances in the World Cup, fearing that Tottenham Hotspur players do not know how to win and that inexperience will cost England, according to The Sun.

England’s squad boasts Tottenham players such as captain Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and Kieran Trippier, but Adams thinks that their inability to win a trophy at club level means they do not possess a winning mentality.

“You must be able to handle winning emotionally and mentally and if they don’t know how to win it, they aren’t going to win it,” Adams said.

“I’m really worried about these Tottenham players. I don’t think they know how to win. They’re very good players, but at certain points in seasons and tournaments, you have to step up. There’s a psyche [that] players must have.”

Adams is also factoring in their overall inexperience when coming to his conclusion.

“Teams who win World Cups usually have a real anchor, such as Sergio Ramos or Fabio Cannavaro,” Adams said. “England haven’t got that rock.

“And we’re going into tournament without a [Gianluigi] Buffon, a champion goalkeeper, and that’s let us down before. Great keepers and centre-backs were what the English were brought up on.”

Adams believes that manager Gareth Southgate, someone who has a great deal of confidence in, is “perfect for the FA”.

“England have a kind draw up until the last eight and if they get that far it will be hallelujah,” Adams said. “… I think with Gareth in charge and with the support network England now have, we’ll leave Russia proud of what we’ve done and the players will go back to their clubs as better human beings.”