Javier Hernandez Defends Mexico Club

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Javier Hernandez is now saying that the infamous party the Mexico players had before the World Cup was his birthday party, defending the club’s integrity but also saying that he wouldn’t do it again.

Things got bad when a Mexican tabloid claimed “escorts” were present at the event that took place after a June 2nd friendly win over Scotland in Mexico City.

“It’s a topic that I’ve wanted to opine and to talk about,” Hernandez said in a Facebook Live stream on Sunday. “There are a lot of things that are tiring. The truth is that it was a gathering to celebrate my [30th] birthday.

“They gave us the night off and the [following] day off and we left [for Copenhagen] the next day and that’s what we did. They organized [the party] for me and I invited all the players to come.

“They all came apart from Jesus Corona, the goalkeeper, because he had a personal issue and he apologized to me and all the squad. We ate together and then afterwards a lot of people arrived and every player left at the time they wanted to.

“Another thing that makes me embarrassed and laugh and that I have to talk about now it comes to mind is that there were never escorts or anything similar… that shows a lack of respect for the people that were there.”

Despite the drama, Hernandez remains confident that Mexico can do big things in the World Cup.

“I’ve said in interviews that yes [we can win it] and I don’t know if people will think that is bad, but I can visualize it, I can see it and feel it and it’s not just lip service,” Hernandez said. “I try to work towards it, I talk about it to my teammates and with a lot of people about it and yes, of course, I want to be world champion, we all want to be world champions.

“We’ve come to do that. We don’t want any less, in our minds there isn’t a limit.”

Part of that positive mentality includes believes that a victory against world champion Germany in Moscow on Sunday is possible.

“Of course we can beat Germany, we are preparing to do that,” said Hernandez


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