Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski Unhappy With Playing Time

Sky Sports

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is unhappy with his lack of playing time and talk of a potential transfer this summer claiming that his “rhythm was clearly broken”, according to a report from ESPN FC.

CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told reporters earlier this week that Lewandowski will remain at Bayern next season despite the striker’s discontent with the amount of playing time he is receiving.

Lewandowski has been the center of blame from German media who are pointing to him as the reason that Bayern faild to reach their first Champion’s League since 2013, as the striker failed to score in the Champions League semifinal defeats against Real Madrid.

Lewandowski also raised some eyebrows when he refused to shake the hand of coach Jupp Heynckes as he came off the field for a substitution in their 3-1 defeat of Cologne.

“It’s a team sport” a source cited in the report stated. “And if in a Champions League semifinal an attacker does not score, that might also be down the quality of world-class players like Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane.”

Lewandowski scored 15 goals as he appeared in all 17 games over the first half of the Bundesliga season.

According to the source he struggled with a patellar tendon injury, returning to training late ahead of the restart after the break.

“Robert’s rhythm was clearly broken,” the source said. “He played almost every game over the past few years [and] even played with a shoulder injury at Real last year and he scored. He played with a face mask against Barcelona in 2015.

“He does not have this rhythm in 2018. He was left out of the Frankfurt match between the Madrid ties.”

Heynckes, speaking to reporters at a news conference on Friday, stated that he was unaware of the striker’s belief that he hasn’t had enough time since the break.

“He never told me that he felt he hadn’t played enough,” Heynckes said. “I have repeatedly heard that we had an extremely stressful and intensive fixture list, therefore I gave him regular breaks with the big games in mind. For example, if he didn’t play a game in eight days, that’s a normal rhythm and he wouldn’t lose any playing rhythm.”

And regarding the injury.

“If he had had got injured again during the decisive phase [this season], then Sandro Wagner would have had to play without any playing time at all,” Heynckes said.

“Robert is an ambitious and exceptional striker and has the chance to score 30-plus goals in the Bundesliga for a third successive season. I’m not overvaluing his reaction on Saturday. I understand this. He is a striker who doesn’t enjoy being substituted.”

“Nobody needs to worry about Robert Lewandowski’s relationship with FC Bayern Munich. We have a very good one,” Rummenigge said. “We know what we have in him. I am very happy that Lewandowski is tied to the club on such a long-term deal.

“He will still be at Bayern next season.”