David Wagner Says Huddersfield Did Liverpool ‘a favour’


David Wagner says that he was happy to do his friend Jurgen Klopp, and Liverpool, a favour as Huddersfield Town secured their Premier League survival with a draw against Chelsea.

Huddersfield earned the point, ensuring their top-flight status for another season.

“My English is not good enough to give the players the credit they deserve,” Wagner said, according to The Standard.

“If you have the passion, desire and spirit, you can compete with top, top quality, and you saw today that we can do it.

“We had luck, no doubt about it, but if any players deserve it, it’s this set of players. I never doubted their mental strength. We have so many experiences, the playoffs, the final, some very big dips in the season, five defeats in a row. We have always come back.

“In this very exciting week with proper Premier League fixtures, we have confirmed everything. We have done it. I am so unbelievably proud.

“We have done Jurgen Klopp a favour but that is the least that you can do for a good friend. We will celebrate tonight and tomorrow.”