Antoine Griezmann Move To Barcelona All Agreed

(Photo: Ivan Abanades Medina). Cordon Press

Antoine Griezmann’s move to Barcelona was reportedly pushed over the edge after a group of directors had a meeting with Greizmann’s representatives in Barcelona in April.

According to a report from Sport-English, the people that were present is what tipped the scales, helping to finalize the agreement.

“For Barça, president Josep Maria Bartomeu, vice president Jordi Mestre, CEO Oscar Grau, general manager Pep Segura and sporting director Robert Fernandez were all present.”

“On Griezmann’s side, the player’s sister, Maud Griezmann, and a legal advisor close to the family were among those at the meeting.”

During the meeting the two sides apparently came to an agreement on the personal terms of the deal, and on July 1st July 1st, Barcelona will pay out 100 million euros and 80 million will go to Atleico Madrid and the remaining 20 million to Real Sociedad.