Angel Di Maria Open To Barcelona Move


Paris Saint-Germain’s Angel Di Maria is open to a move to Barcelona, saying that he would have no problem with a move if the opportunity presented itself.

“My relationship with Real is over,” Di Maria said. “I completed my cycle there a long time ago.

“Honestly, I would have no problem playing for Barca — the contrary, in fact. The only club that I will never sign for is Newell’s because I am a Central fan.”

Di Maria did state that the only club he will not sign for is formative club Rosario Central’s bitter rivals Newell’s Old Boys.

“I want to play for Central because I love the club,” Di Maria said. “I was raised there and taught football there. Central is where it all began for me.

“Leo can do what he wants but in Rosario, football evokes such passion and I want to feel that again.”

Di Maria also discussed being upset with a latter from Madrid that he received on the day of the 2014 World Cup that informed him that the club would take no responsibilities for any injuries he sustained while playing.

“[The letter] was difficult to read and the I tore it up,” Di Maria said. “The letter stated that the Argentina national team were to take responsibility for me in case anything happened to me in the event that I featured in the final.

“Right then, I started to look for a new club. I do not need to remember this letter to be motivated to play against Real, though. Pla