Henrikh Mkhitaryan Had ‘Problem’ With Jose Mourinho

The Sun (UK)

Artur Petrosyan is expressing frustration over how Jose Mourinho decided to play Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The midfielder moved to the Emirates Stadium as Alexis Sanchez went the other way and Petrosyan believes it’s now a better situation for the midfielder.

We are very happy with this transfer from Manchester United. His style of play will be better suited at Arsenal.

“It is my impression that I think Henrikh had a problem with the coach [Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford] and, at Arsenal, it will be another thing and not the same situation.

“There will not be so much pressure on him defensively.”

The coach believes that Mkhitaryan will be “better and even stronger” after leaving Manchester United for Arsenal.

“I think Wenger is better for Henrikh.

“He is always one of the best players in the Premier league but, under this manager he will become even stronger.”

Petrosyan also said that he was “not happy with Mourinho’s decision not to play him.”

“It is his club, his team, he knows what he wants. I was sad he did not play the last matches. It is good he has left.”