Jose Mourinho Says Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United Is Unlikely

Daily Mail (UK)

Jose Mourinho believes that it is unlikely that Manchester United will be able to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford in the summer.

Ronaldo is reportedly is open to a return to the Premier League because of frustrations over a new deal at the Bernabeu, according to ESPN FC.

“I think with the moment Real Madrid is having now I think I should be the last one to add some fuel to the fire,” Mourinho said during a news conference.

“Madrid is on fire, the results are not good and it’s a club where I worked three years, I cared about the club, I am the last one to add fire.

“To put some water on the fire, Cristiano is the kind of player every manager and club wants but only one can have. That’s Real Madrid, that’s my feeling.”