Jose Mourinho Rips Manchester United After Loss To ‘Lucky’ Bristol

The Sun (UK)

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is launching some harsh criticism at his players, saying some of them “didn’t want to come into the office” on Wednesday during fallout from a 2-1 to “lucky” Bristol City in the Carabao Cup.

“It’s a big day for them and their supporters” Mourinho said, according to the Daily Mail’s Jack Gaughan.

“For us it was just one more day in the office and some of them probably didn’t want to come into the office.

“They fought like this was the game of their lives, which it probably was. It was a beautiful day for football.

“I congratulate them. The main thing of it is that they won. [We] lacked the intensity that they had. Not just physically but mentally.”

Mourinho backed off a bit as he continued his rant.

“I don’t want to blame the players at all because I think they were professional—it wasn’t a case of ‘we don’t care about the game’ or ‘we don’t have responsibility’ or ‘we don’t have pride'” Mourinho said, per Adam Higgins for the club’s official website.

“I think we don’t deserve to lose, but we lost because the opponent was lucky.”

“They had the luck of the game, but they fought to be lucky. Sometimes you think that luck comes from nowhere, but normally luck comes from effort, from belief, which they had.”