Arsene Wenger Says Man City Can Match ‘Invincibles’ But Arsenal Did It Without Money


Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger says that Manchester City can match his “Invincibles” by going the entire Premier League season unbeaten and noted that Arsenal did it without the financial resources afforded to Manchester City.

“Why not? It can happen, but there is still a long way to go,” Wenger said during Friday news conference (h/t ESPN FC).

“At the moment I think everything goes for them inside the games, but maybe as well they have the quality to turn it in their favour.”

“Look, we had no petrol but ideas, they have petrol and ideas, so that makes it more efficient,” Wenger said, when making a comparison between the two clubs.

“They have resources… Money and quality is what I wanted to say, and in their management and players they have everything that is needed to be successful. It’s still not easy, they still have to respect that achievement.”

“At the moment there is a difference between points we get and the domination we have in the game,” Wenger said. “I feel as well it’s in cycles… We want to continue what we do well and improve the finishing, be a bit sharper in our finishing. Overall, that’s what we want to be inspired with. When you speak about the problem, it has to look natural to finish. At the moment, maybe we are in a position where we want to force the situation a little bit too much.”