U.S. Soccer Federation To Create GM Role In Revamping President’s Role


The United States Soccer Federation is looking to create a general manager role as they revamp the president’s role, along with revamping the responsibilities of several positions.

The U.S. Soccer Federation board of directors met in Toronto last Sunday and took the initial steps to put the wheels in change in motion.

Per their talks the president is going to be more of a chairman of the board and not an executive president.

The board also agreed that a general manager type position will be created with that person overseeing the men’s national team, and that the head coach would report to the GM.

The GM is expected to be hired before the men’s national team manager and will be heavily involved in the manager search process.

“[The GM] would be the person in charge of running everything, like they do in Europe,” said one source who attended the meetings (h/t ESPN). “You have the federation but you also have the person that runs the national team.”

“We’re going to run this like a sports organization. How’s that for a change of pace?”

“It’s a big change in how we’ve doing business, so we want to make sure we’re doing it right,” said one source. “I don’t see anyone saying, ‘Let’s do it by tomorrow.'”