Man United’s Paul Pogba Hopes Man City Suffer Injuries

Associated Press

It isn’t classy to hope that a player or team suffers injuries but Man United’s Paul Pogba is trending today for doing just that.

Pogba has said that he hopes injuries to “important players” derail Manchester City’s season, according to ESPN FC.

“I do,” Pogba said when asked about injuries to Manchester City players. “Someday I hope they’re going to slip.

“I hope … it’s bad to say things like that but fortunately for us I hope they will get some very important players injured, like what’s happening with us, because people don’t see this, don’t speak about this, but every time we have, like, players injured, important players, they get injured when there is important games.

“So if that starts happening with them as well maybe we’ll get a little difference, you know? A little … how can I say? A little touch that makes them weaker.”

Pogba’s comments were chalked up to frustrations by Jose Mourinho.

Pogba just returned from a two-month absence due to a hamstring tear and now faces missing more time after being shown a red card for a challenge on Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin on Saturday.

“I just know Paul is frustrated,” Mourinho said of Pogba’s comments. “A bit disappointed with his colleague Koscielny, with this kind of reaction.

“Paul is very frustrated because everyone knows he is a clean player and it is not his intention to be close to a red card.”