Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata ‘would never have left Juventus’ Had He Not Been Ordered Back


Chelsea forward Alvaro Morata says he would never have left Juventus if he was not ordered to return to Real Madrid in 2016.

Morata, 25, played two seasons with the Bianconeri but his deal included a clause which allowed Los Blancos to sign him back for a fixed sum.

Real activated that option in 2016, buying him back for a reported €30m in 2016.

“There were contractual agreements to respect, but the disappointment was enormous — I found myself right back where I had started,” Morata said, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “They treated me like the lad that I was before my two years in Italy.

“My two years at Juve were fantastic. I was just a lad when I arrived and I was a real footballer when I left. For a Spaniard, Italy is the best place to live. You’ve got all the beauty, history, art, good food and fashion.

“I would never have left Italy and Juve.”

“I came here [Chelsea] because they have a coach like Antonio Conte,” he said. “We started to talk about me possibly coming here last spring and, in the end, I actually came to London. There were a series of situations that were favourable, starting with the coach — I knew Conte and I had no problems fitting into his ideas of football.

“[Conte] is demanding, but he gets the best out of his players’ strengths. You can tell that he knows what it is like to be at a big club, first as a player, then as a coach.”

Morata has scored six goals in nine Premier League games this season and is preparing for this week’s match.

“Roma have impressed me and they would have deserved to have beaten us in London,” Morata said. “We got away with it. But we start from scratch again this time and, after our three wins in a row, I think that Chelsea will be more motivated.

“Roma created us problems in London and I’d say they have an edge over Atletico.”