Carlo Ancelotti Interested In Premier League Return


Carlo Ancelotti is involved in rumors connecting him to a return to Chelsea but he is denying those rumors.

Ancelotti, however, suggested he could consider coming back to the Premier League. Ancelotti was sacked by Bayern Munich earlier in the month.

“I want to be given an opportunity to create a project and work serenely, even if ours is a job which doesn’t allow you serenity, but that’s normal” Ancelotti said in an interview with RAI Radio.

“It takes just one bad result and the pressure rises, but I’m waiting — I’m not in a rush.

“The Premier League’s interesting in certain aspects — there’s a great atmosphere in the stadium, but they’re also advanced in that respect in Germany.

“I don’t know what could be the best solution — I can easily see myself at any club. I like football and I like coaching so, for as long as I have this passion, any job will do.”

Ancelottis has heard the numerous rumors as well.

“There’s something new every day” he said about the non-stop rumors.

“First there was talk of Chelsea and my friend Antonio, who I speak to a lot and he gets mad [about the rumours], then there was China, Everton.

“I’m waiting for June 30 and then we’ll see what opportunities there are.”

Ancelotti said he would not consider a move to Major League Soccer saying that

“The national team is one thing, but the league is another.

“They don’t have relegation, which means the players’ motivation levels are not so high — and if there’s no motivation, there’s no real interest.”

Ancelotti also discussed his perspective on his departure from Bayern.

“Maybe the club no longer believed in my work and they decided to change, but I’ve been doing this job for 20 years and I know how the game works, and that big clubs are dependent on results and when they start not to arrive…

“To be honest, though, in my case the results were fine, despite a few difficulties. Maybe they lacked faith in me and the condition of the team, but lots of things have been said this month.”