La Liga Wants UEFA To Investigate Manchester City’s Transfer Spending


La Liga wants UEFA to investigate Manchester City’s transfer spending as well as expand a newly launched probe into Paris Saint-Germain over questions if they had breached financial fair play rules.

On Monday, Spanish league president Javier Tebas said in a statement to The Associated Press that Abu Dhabi-funded City and Qatari-owned PSG are benefiting from state aid and that doing so distorts European competitions and “is irreparably harming the football industry.”

In a series of letters to the governing body, Tebas called for investigations into both Man City and PSG.

However, the Press Association reports that City are not being investigated.

On Friday UEFA said that it would look into whether or not PSG was flouting rules that are designed to control excessive spending by top European clubs.

Tebas wants UEFA to look into “PSG’s history of noncompliance.”

“PSG and Man City’s funding by state-aid distorts European competitions and creates an inflationary spiral that is irreparably harming the football industry” Tebas said (h/t ESPN FC).

“UEFA must enforce FFP regulations to avoid discrimination among clubs.”

“PSG is a habitual offender and has been violating UEFA’s financial fair play regulations for years,” Tebas said. “It is important that UEFA doesn’t just look at the most recent player transfers, but at PSG’s history of noncompliance. The transfers are merely the result of years of financial doping at PSG.”