New York City FC Patrick Vieira Says MLS Has Completely Changed In 10 Years

The Mirror

New York City FC boss Patrick Vieira has seen a lot over a career that has taken him from France to Arsenal and now as a coach in New York City.

“I think the game in the MLS is completely different from 10 years ago,” said Vieira (h/t ESPN FC).

“When you look at the quality of the international players coming to the country, of course that raises the level of the game.

“When you look at the last five years, the young players who come in… and I strongly believe there will be young players who will come from all around Europe because the quality of the MLS is good and really interesting.

“I think the MLS is in a certain phase but when you have quality players like we have in our team, who come in and bring their experience and try to help the game to develop, this is how the MLS will improve.”

Vieira didn’t expect to be a coach at this point.

“It was a surprise [to become a coach] because I have never been to that position, to be honest,” NYCFC head coach Vieira told Press Association Sport.

“Of course when you play you are still in action and you don’t see yourself doing something else, but I have been put into this position with Manchester City Under-23s and I loved it.

“Every year I’m getting more experience and this is something I really love doing.”

Manchester City has played a significant role in helping boost NYCFC which has led to success.

“I think it is a big family,” Vieira remarked

“There are some big clubs around and to have the support from the City Group of course it is important.

“We’re working hard, we will try to work well, but at the end of the day it is important for us here to win games because winning games dictates how well you are doing.

“All the coaches in the City Group are quite really busy with their domestic game, but of course when there is a break, it’s always an option to go to learn from other coaches.

“Last year I went to spend a week, 10 days with Pep [Guardiola] in Manchester. The next one maybe I will go to Melbourne City.

“I think it is always interesting to go and get more experience talking to different coaches and try to open their mind a little bit.”

For now, Vieira is happy about the direction things are going.

“I am looking for happiness in what I am doing.

“At the moment I am really pleased with the project we have here in the City Group in New York and I will [continue to] enjoy it.”