Paul Pogba Eyeing Prem Title: ‘We can do great this season’


Pail Pogba is feeling pretty good about the upcoming season and his confidence is pouring out. Pogba believes that Manchester United can win the Premier League this season.

Pogba knows that there are a number of teams that will be in the mix for the championship, he believes United are good enough and posses the mentality for the top spot this season.

“I’m pleased and happy that we have started really well, but it is not finished yet,” Pogba told ESPN FC. “It is just the start of the season.

“The biggest challengers? We are our own rivals and we think about ourselves first. But we don’t have to be scared of anyone in the league because we know we are a strong team as well. We know we can do great this season.

“I hope [we can win the title]. Every team is strong, like when Leicester won it two years ago and nobody expected it, so you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“We started very well, but we can end up bad and we don’t want this. We want to be focused from game to game.”

Pogba also points to theĀ arrival of Nemanja MaticĀ as a turning point for him which allowed him to play in a more attacking role.

“I am mostly an offensive player and I think more about attacking,” Pogba said. “But he [Matic] will be more defending.

“We can switch, but we match a lot and in those two games, I have been more forward and he has stayed back.

“That helps me more be myself. I still do the defensive part, but now I can go forward more and help the strikers. I like to be in front of the goals too.

“He helps me and I enjoy it, yes.”